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Working Process of Freight Brokers

It is very important to understand the working of a third-party logistics provider or commonly known as freight broker, before you start working with one i.e freight axon. What all responsibilities will you have and what all does a 3PL provider will serve on all your plate? You must know the answer to this question. You also must know what kind of relationship he is going to have with you and how he will function. All these things are mentioned below along with the tips on how you can help them. Read More

Reasons to Get a Tech Upgrade for Your Transportation Business

There’s been an unexpected and speedy growth in the transportation business. The transport company has a number of possibilities and risks that can make or break a transportation company. Many companies are declining to continue with the technical improvements which are continuously being presented in the transport company. As digitization and modernization are getting the essential aspects of the transportation industry, it is now important to determine the core issues and obtain appropriate methods to cope with them. The only way to endure in this cut-throat competitive world is to affect the business policies according to the changing environment.Read More

6 Best Trucking Accounting Software Programs

Many businesses can make standard accounting systems according to their business requirement. The same is with the trucking industry, they need to have more specialized platforms. Here, in this guide, we will evaluate your best trucking and account management platform.

Finding a good ltl trucking software can be quite challenging. This is because you want something that will fill perfectly with your business’s requirements. Additionally, you would want something that will be easy to learn and offers industry-specific software that generally requires sizable investments. Therefore, you must choose them wisely!Read More

Advantages and Disadvantages of Fleet Management Technology

Fleet management technology is utilized by almost all the companies in the current remarkably competitive market environment. Because of the boost in digitalization, completely new functions are being included in the transport software. The fleet management technology, as opposed to conventional transport management, helps make the real-time monitoring of transport achievable.

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