August 5, 2020

Working Process of Freight Brokers

It is very important to understand the working of a third-party logistics provider or commonly known as freight broker, before you start working with one i.e freight axon. What all responsibilities will you have and what all does a 3PL provider will serve on all your plate? You must know the answer to this question. You also must know what kind of relationship he is going to have with you and how he will function. All these things are mentioned below along with the tips on how you can help them. 

Do you know what a freight broker exactly does? First of all, a call is made or an email is sent to a freight broker for pickup service. It does not matter whether it is a scheduled shipment, special order, or event, a 3PL needs to collect all the necessary information when tendering freight. They need to know the contact information and basic location. Along with this basic information, they also ask you about the special instructions for packing or handling, equipment, and consignee requirements and preferences and also compliance standards.

All the information mentioned above can be provided electronically with the help of the digital programs. You can automatically process and send the data to the transportation partners. After a 3PL gets all the information from the shipper, he enters it into the freight management system. All the things are worked out and an exact order pick-up and delivery time are finalized. This is the step where you can actually realize the value of a 3PL in this whole procedure. They assign a skilled carrier on qualified transportation and make sure that it is safe and secure.

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A 3PL makes up a network which consists of carriers that you can easily rely upon. You can trust a trucking broker software and his quick and reliable database to help you find the best and convenient option. This is the step where all the important handling information is also shared. The next step that comes in the working process of trucking broker software is the dispatch of the shipment.

The scheduled order is picked up after the 3PL personally connects with the driver. He cross verifies all the important information earlier provided. It includes his name, type of trailer or truck, contact details, and his current location. He then communicates all the handling requirements. After this, the driver is presented with all the required pick-up information as well.  Loading is the next step that comes in line. During loading, the system keeps in touch with the carrier all the time. Everything is considered complete when all the freight has actually been put up on the transport a vehicle and it is closed down.

In some cases, they also seal the vehicle. The carrier then signs a bill provided by the shipper in which he accepts the liability and possession of the freight. Also, the 3PL must verify the driver’s details along with the destination shown on the bill. This is required to make sure that the correct freight has been loaded on the carrier. This is a step one must never forget as this can lead to unwanted circumstances and stress. After this, the freight goes into transit. 

A 3PL stays in contact with the driver throughout the time the shipment doesn’t reach the right destination. They even keep track of the shipment throughout the route with the use of GPS tracking technologies. Another way to ensure that everything is on schedule and the delivery will be made on time is to keep in touch through check-in mails. The carrier is generally provided with driving directions by the 3PL. He also may act as an intermediary to communicate any kind of obstacle along the way such as weather or traffic delays.

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Once the driver reaches the destination, he documents the arrival time. He does so in case there is an issue with the detention. A freight brokerage software carrier can be charged if his waiting time exceeds a certain time limit. The consignee signs the required bill once the driver is fully unloaded. By signing it, he accepts the full possession of the product that is being delivered. He will note down the time at which the unload got completed on the bill.

The carrier then turns in the paperwork to the 3PL. After this, an invoice is prepared for the shipper and the payment cycle of the carrier begins. An invoice is generated after a 3PL receives the invoice bill by the carrier along with all the required paperwork for the shipper. It is generally advised to use the services of a freight broker as it frees you from various tasks. The foremost one is the hassle of booking a truck for pick-up and delivery. But you must agree that it does much more than saving your time.

A 3PL is an expert in their work, providing all the relevant information about your consignees and their tastes and preferences. He keeps track of each and everything and updates each step of the way to the concerned people. They are quite experienced in handling any kind of issue that arises on the way. There is a qualified network of carriers that are established by them. You can easily trust and rely on them. They have the ability to guide you in the best manner they can.